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NOVI Science Park offices in Aalborg, Denmark

NOVI Science & Business Park is located nearby Aalborg University. We have 17 highly serviced office buildings, which accommodate everything from large headquarters to individual office leases and dynamic coworking areas.

Leases by AAU Campus

Office rentals
We have experienced an annual growth of 20%, why NOVI has arranged for us to move to larger office spaces several times. Furthermore, we also have plans to secure permanent laboratory facilities at NOVI in the future. Mie Bech Lukassen COO, DNA Sense
Mie Bech Lukassen, DNA Sense.


Shared facilities


Every single day, approximately 3,000 employees arrive at NOVI Science Park, where more than 280 dynamic companies are renting an office space.

NOVIs 17 office buildings accommodate everything from large commercial leases to individual offices and dynamic coworking areas. We have  founded 2 entrepreneurial houses: GrowAAL EAST and GrowAAL CITY. These entrepreneurial houses are dedicated to meet the needs of entrepreneurs seeking the perfect starting point for their business.

Jointly, NOVI and GrowAAL frame a dynamic business environment that encompasses modern surroundings, networking, and innovation in perfect harmony. Our goal is to offer you an environment which inspires, challenges, and at the same time provides you with services which will make your everyday life easier.

So let NOVI or GrowAAL host your company's offices in order for you to become part of a professional environment.


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